Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First day ....

So yesterday S had his very first day of school.. He LOVED every second of it and went off again today VERY happy and excited as I expected he would.. he was so ready !

As for me.. well I am ok.. I did ok...
I dropped him off with no tears at all.. went and had a cuppa with some other prep mums in the staff room, all good...

Then I had to leave... Hmmmm, Not so good :(
I then wandered aimlessly around my house trying to get stuff done but feeling so odd, I cant even really put my finger on how I felt... I guess like a part of me was missing but also that lurking fear...

anyway today I felt better but I was so crazily busy with E that I hardly had time to worry, which was good.. I expect I'll be feeling weird about it for some time.

Anyway its supposed to be wordless wednesday but instead you get a whole bunch of words :p

So to end this post I have to say just how PROUD I am of my gorgeous prep boy. He is truly my world.


  1. You should be proud of him!! And I am proud of YOU xoxo

  2. What a huge relief I am sure to you that he is enjoying it!

    PS...I am a friend of Swift Jan's!

  3. Oh I have just started my blog too so you can come and visit me at

  4. Haha - shameless promotion Shelley!

    I must say I was worried about Aphid #1 knowing how needy he is and clingy when it comes to saying goodbye at daycare. To my surprise he just toddled on with his life and hasn't looked back since! Even with the whole all day every day thing.

    The biggest difference is HOW HUNGRY HE IS!!! Oh my. 3 bowls of nutrigrain when he got home this arv. Not that I complain - the dude is a whippit!

    Your fella looks all grown up and well pleased with this schooling business. Take as long as you need to come to terms with it and then... PARTY!!!!!