Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome to my Blog

This is my very first entry in my lovely new Blog... I decided to do a Blog simply because I am not coping well with the stage of life that I am in and felt the need to journal the journey...

Why arent I coping with my current stage of life??
well, that is the million dollar question ...

So who am I?, what am I?, What do I do? and what am I not coping with?...

I am a 35 year old mother of 3 adorable boys. I have been at home with my boys since my eldest was born, almost 6 years ago... I enjoy being a full time mum thoroughly.

I am also a wife, to my darling husband, a sister to two younger brothers and sister in law to three amazing and different women, a daughter to my fantastic parents, an aunty to three wonderful little men and a friend of many.. infact I am blessed with many precious friends. I have a lovely home in an area that I love and many fantastic hobbies ...

So im a nutshell I am just like any average woman, I am no one special and I kinda like it that way !

I am a christian and feel beyond blessed to pesonally know the man who saved me, ME !

What could I possibly be concerned with right???

Well I guess the problem is that all of my life i have set myself up for what I have right now... house, husband, children ... etc etc.. great, achieved *tick, tick, tick*

But now as my baby boy is here and no more babies are on the cards for us (and thats a definate !) and my eldest baby is about to head off to school (in less than a month away *gulp*) I see myself with a problem ...

Who am I if I am not a mother... ??

So why I know you are all saying "Oh my, you have so much more mothering to do.." and yes, obviously I am aware that there is more to mothering than the pre school years, but lets be honest with ourselves... it changes...

Soon it will be pointless for me to stay home and I'll need to search for work ...
My babies will go from cuddley toddlers, to chatty school kids, to grunting and eating teens, then leave, cleave and become parents themselves (God willing)

So what do I want to do?... honestly?... I know life is for living but I just want to wrap them up in time stopping blankies and keep my babies with me forever, getting sloppy kisses, messy cuddles and that undescribable joy and fun that small children bring to your days ....

So as irrational as it sounds (and I know it does) this blog will be my journey as I process me and my family and learn to grow up with them as they grow up ...


  1. A blog is a great way of journalling...

    I know how you are feeling. I went through the very same thing some 18 months ago (do you remember?) Maybe it coinsides wiith the eldest going to school? I'm not sure, but I do know its very overwhelming, because 1) I am not the same person now that I was before children. I am older and my interests have changed. 2)What DO I like now? I don;t even know....
    It's good to have friends though, dont you think!?
    Luff ya heaps xoxo

  2. p.s I adore your blog template!!

  3. Hi Blue Mummy! Glad to make your acquaintnace through Swift Jan. She always has something sweet to say about you, and I can tell you get on really well! And hey - she visits you so often, it's obvious you are great buddies :)

    If you would like to read random boring things, please visit my blog at - it was meant to be a blog of extremely funny and witty things, but has devolved into "blah-blah-blah."

  4. Thanks for visiting Givinya :) I always have time for some randomness, I'll be sure to pop into your blog soon !
    Thanks :)

  5. hello there - also over from swift jan ... you are in safe hands with friends like SJ :) so a huge welcome ..

    As to your anxious moments now ... my only real thought is don't fret the future - live for this moment .. as this is the one we have ...

    I don't see work as your only option ... how bout fostering ... where we live there are at risk babes all over the place ... or home care for other wee ones of working mums ...

    My sis-in-law is the stay at home mother to four and is the volunteer who covers lots of things for working mums ...

    but above all don't fret .. the way will be shown - best le

  6. Hi, I have come across via Swift Jan via Scurrette and am also relatively new to blogging. I love your blog, keep up and you'll soon meet lots of fun people.

    Children don't listen - I told both of mine as babies not to grow up - but they did and they are now teenagers - so soon I'll be facing the cleaving and leaving - do I want to no!!! but thats the circle of life.

    As for you - you'll always be a mum - no matter how old the children get. But there are heaps of options out there in the whole wide world.

    A wise Scurrette told me be like a sailing boat -start doing something and let God guide your path - if your not active then God can't guide your sail. (something like that anyway)

    I started as the school lollypop lady way back..... I then did a free short course through tafe that led to teacheraiding. I progressed one step at a time and completed that certificate which evolved into getting a job and completing the childcare certificate which evolved into the diploma which has evolved into me doing the advanced diploma this year which will qualify me to be a director. Tafe offers many courses and I have never even stepped into tafe I have done it all correspondence! I now don't have much time left for hobbies - but I alway make sure I have me time. Anyway just a thought - a new chapter in your life is just beginning and that is fantastic.

  7. p.s. your welcome to visit my blog at

  8. Hi,welcome to blogland! I came from SJ's too, its so easy to meet new friends with blogs.
    I also went thru your worries, but I couldn't identiify them so well. Unless work is necessary (and hey you've still got those other 2 to keep you home for now) I think you'll find just becoming involved with your boys schoollife will fill some time (days become shorter when you work within a 9-3 time frame too!). I have made some wonderful new friends at school too. Some school have mums doing reading & maths in the classroom too -this can help you understand how & what they are learning.
    Yes you'll still and always be a Mum.....but that's a good place to start. Life will evolve around you without worrying. x

  9. Thankyou everyone for visiting and commenting so kindly ! I look forward to getting to know you all more as I travel this road. Thankyou for all your words of wisdom also, many blessings to you xx

  10. Blue Mummy, I have a tear in my eye... one of a bit of sadness and one also of happiness... your eldest is starting school, what a fabulous milestone and one that you can enjoy with him.. you still have 2 littlies at home that will keep you busy for sometime yet. I will be taking the journey next year when my eldest starts school and there will be tears, rivers of tears.

    I am also turning 30 this year and this was a massive "drama" in my life last year... OMG who am I, what do I want to do, my boys are growing up too fast... I am still yet to find those answers LOL....

    I hope you find the answers to your questions and when I do... I will be sure to let you know.

    Welcome to blogland... I can understand why you and SJ are friends... we have certainly learnt a lot about each other both over blog and in person.


  11. P.S. Sorry about the HUGE story... I didn't realise I wrote so much until after it was published .... LOL

  12. Hi there!

    I'm just gonna put my hand up because I identify so much with what you wrote. I have struggled for a long time to figure out who *I* am. I haven't been Bec for, well, yonks - and then I wonder if I ever was my own entity... I have been the kids mum, the husband's wife, the daughter, the sister, and even the smart / peaceful / funny / reliable one. I still don't know if I identify with too many of those perceptions of me.

    I have 3 critters and if the past is anything to go by, as soon as the youngest hits about 2 I will be asking myself again *who am I? what do I want to be when I grow up?* Yeh - grow up... it doesn't matter that I too turn the big 3-0 this year also.

    As Cassandra said above, I was once told that God can't direct you if you are just stagnating. But He will open and close those proverbial doors to guide you once you start to make some decisions about your future. And what is right now, may not be in a while. Goodness, when I did an IT degree yonkee-doodles ago I had no idea that I would abandon it and end up sewing kidlets clothes!

    Anywho, I've always found the best place to start is *on your knees*.

    Swift Jan is a lovely lady, and any friend of hers is a friend of mine! I hope that isn't presumptuous or bullying making you be my friend. (Or else...*thumps fist*)

    I'm over at come visit!

  13. You know what? If you relax and go with the flow, you will find out who and what you are meant to be through your children! They will teach you and you will not have found out if it were not for them! Trust me...... I know!