Sunday, January 17, 2010


We just arrived home from a lovely family break at Phillip Island. A few days with just me and my boys, a visit from the pastor and his wife (great friends) for dinner one evening and a two night visit from our dear friends and their children (which meant 6 boys all up.. Crazy fun !)

It was great talking to all these people who are in similar life stages to me and hearing their take on school, children growing up etc and how they have dealt with certain situations as they arose. I know we are all different and how we choose to handle situations varys but its great to get POV's from people I admire, respect and trust.

Anyway back to our holiday... It was a delightful time with my precious boys. They are always so good really (give or take a few "moments") and on this break inparticular I thought they were just lovely, delightful and fun. We really did have a great time....

Oh, but there was this one night.. it was the night our lovely pastor and his gorgeous wife came to visit, we went out for dinner and that was great, went well... boys behaved, food was nice and conversation even better.. when it was time to leave there is a small play area outside the restaurant and the boys played there while we said our farewells...

then we hear that cry.. you know the one... its the "I have really hurt myself this time" cry and its coming from our 4 year old.

Hubby runs to get him and when he gets back to the car (so a space of about 1 minute) E's cheek is the size of an apple !! He has fallen off a stepping log and landed, cheek first, on another stepping log .. ouch !

So now what...? We are on holidays, outside a restaurant ... ARGH !
After racing back inside the restaurant and getting some ice and some local advice we headed down to a GP's who open until late, thankfully still open.. quick check up and back in the morning for a CT scan to check for breaks to the facial bones... Thank the Lord there are no broken bones and its just then a slow road to recovery.. at this stage (5 days on) he is still slightly swollen and has a cheek that is black and blue ! but at least he can smile again :p

This was about 30 hours after the accident...

and this is today ...

The best day of our holiday was the day when it was 40 plus degrees here in VIC. Not nice for the bulk of the day but when it hit about 7pm we all headed down to the surf beach at the end of the street and enjoyed the ocean and the cool breeze that came off it.. pure bliss and so much fun ...

The boys digging at the waters edge...

Mr C is fascinated by the sand (his 3rd time ever on the beach)

Beach play as the sun goes down.. How can you not love this !!?? ...

Mr C enjoys the sand and his brothers play at the waters edge..

Its memories like this that I have to hold onto, grasp onto and hold close... Forever in my heart
(lets not discuss that very night and trying to sleep with a low of 30 degrees !!!... you'll ruin my happy memories!! ;p)


  1. Glad E is on the mend!! Poor little tiger. How aweful!!
    Beautiful holiday pics. Wish we were there xoxo

  2. You have some beautiful photos! I love the one of the boys at sunset. Love it!

    Goodness that must have been scary. Eek!

  3. wish you were there too SJ x

    Thanks Scurette, I love that shot too :) and yes it was scary !!