Monday, March 15, 2010

Blogging a struggle ...

Boy I am struggling to get here and blog...
The amount of times I have started an entry only to be rudely interrupted by Mr C ;p

I really want to come here and have time to write and process and vent etc.. but it just isn't happening... in fact I barely have time for anything these days.. I am exhausted, physically and emotionally exhausted ....

So here is a little update on us...

S is LOVING school and has settled in beautifully, I feel alot better about him being there and try my hardest to not worry about him all the time... Its a long journey ahead though.... He is turning 6 this weekend coming... SIX !!!

E is at kinder and very happy, although behavioural issues with him which I believe is due to hubby being away for work so much, E and hubby are just SO close... he really doesnt cope when he is away too much (and I cop it of course !)

Mr C is 9 months now and as delightful as ever ... he is almost crawling and pulling himself up on things... still wakes all night *sigh* and no sign of teeth yet but boy is my boy gorgeous.. I could just eat him all up :p

Hubby has been away for work ALOT... way, way too much... I miss him dreadfully and find the days so hard without him...

New glasses for me means I am seeing the world alot clearer ;p

I am expecting a niece later this year and we are all sooo thrilled as it will be the first girl baby born in our family.. very exciting news and I am happily buying pink wool to start making adorable stuff for my precious niece who I already love to bits.

Our family has also experienced loss.. just yesterday my cousin aged 27 died from substance abuse... he left behind 2 young sons... a huge tragedy and very, very sad for all. I hadnt seen him in years (lived in QLD) but we all grew up together and it just feels heavy in my heart.

So thats been my recent life in a nutshell ....
Hopefully I can get on to update more often :)

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  1. Wow. I'm really sorry to hear about your cousin :( That must be hard for the whole family. Will be thinkin of you all.

    S!!! 6!!!! My goodness that has gone fast!

    YAY for a niece!!!! WOOT!!!! Go pink :P